Inspiration: Boyoun Kim

We’re back with another amazing inspiring artist for the month of May. This series has been so helpful to me this month, especially when this is usually when I get in a creative rut. I’ve been creating daily and even though I may not always have time to share, I’m feeling so in-tune to my creative self. It’s not easy when you’re surrounded by obligations but allowing yourself to let go and indulge really helps to evolve creatively.

I’m very excited about today’s illustrator. Boyoun Kim is an award-winning illustrator who is based in New York City. I would describe Boyoun’s style of being whimsical but oddly methodological. Everything is neat, clean, and in its place but all of the elements flow so well together. I really also love Boyoun’s usage of colors which are colors I never gravitate to. There’s something about her 70s-style palettes that really drew me in to her work. Let me know your thoughts below!

Secret Pleasure - Boyoun Kim

12 Cities - Boyoun Kim

Bicycle - Boyoun Kim

The Sunday Telegraph - Boyoun Kim

Ze-Bra - Boyoun Kim


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  1. I love what you’ve done with this space, you’re so creative Angel. I’ve missed our blog exchange and thought I would pop over, off to browse around 🙂

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