Inspiration: Bailey Sullivan

It’s Monday, it’s still May, and you know that means more inspiration. Between this series and the VenturePop Instagram Challenge, I’ve been so inspired in this past week. Even though I’m recovering from a ridiculous cold, I have been seeking talented artists all week and it was a little difficult to settle on someone. I’m excited to share the work of illustrator Bailey Sullivan who is based out of New York City. I’ve been following Bailey for a while on Dribbble but I’m sure some of you have seen her work with Jamie Starcevich and the Spruce Rd team. Her illustrations are clean, her color palettes are bright, and she’s a perfect illustrator for a Monday morning in May. Enjoy!

Blueprint Society - Bailey Sullivan

Creative, She Wrote - Bailey Sullivan

Great Little Place - Bailey Sullivan

Lemon World - Bailey Sullivan

Life of Spies - Bailey Sullivan

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