1. Great roundup. I’m loving the baby shower invite, as well as the passport wedding invites. Now this Yellow Conference website is awesome. So glad you brought this back today! Enjoy your weekend. 😉

  2. I really love Joanna’s blog and work, and I had no idea about The Yellow Conference. Sounds exciting, I must check it now!

    Breanna… always rocks! Period.

    Emma SanCartier’s illustrations are out of this world of fantastic!

    I can’t comment on them all, but, girl, what a terrific list of links you got us today. Thanks!

  3. The Yellow Conference sounds so exciting and interesting, to bad I’m in Ohio.

    Brenna Rose is always posting beautiful work.

    The wedding invite is simply gorgeous.

    I love this list of amazingness!

  4. Oh my gosh I love that map illustration! So good. I’m with Alexandria on the Yellow Conference, but it still looks fun!

  5. I love everything here, but the wedding invites are seriously my fave!

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