Remember this guy? Well it’s his birthday so I’m dedicated my energy today to catching up on some overdue design work and obnoxiously decorating our place with birthday things. I also decided to take some time to play with some of my favorite numerals. I’ll be back tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Twenty-Five”

  1. 25 only!? Wow, you guys are young! 🙂
    Please extend to him my Happy Birthday wishes!!!!!!! I love party decorations (more than the party itself, really), so I totally wish I lived around to give you an, obtrusive, hand! lol

    Have fun! 🙂

  2. Hey Angel,

    Thanks for adding my comparison chart to your post 🙂
    I’ll definitely check out the Squarepace and add this option to my chart if possible.

    Good luck with your design blog!

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