Jacksonville Recap

We had a great time in Jacksonville for One Spark last week. We also spent a little time in St. Augustine. I’ve finally gotten  some time to post the pictures so I hope you don’t mind a huge picture post.

One Spark Sign over Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art

Duck in Hemming Plaza

One Spark Opening Ceremony

Street Performer - Hemming Plaza

Grafitti - Jacksonville

Street Art - One Spark

Jacksonville Landing Outdoors

Jacksonville Landing

2 - Bridge - Jacksonville Landing

Jacksonville Beach

Reading Jacksonville Beach

Breakfast Quinoa - Jacksonville

Loft Bedroom - Jacksonville

Loft Details - Coasters - Jacksonville

Loft Details -Bird

Loft Dining Room - Jacksonville

Loft Living Room - Jacksonville

St. Augustine Lighthouse

St. Augustine Lighthouse Stairs

St. Augustine Lighthouse View

Sr. Augustine Lighthouse View

St. Augustine Trip


All photos copyright  – Studio-404 

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