Artist Showcase: Mary Kate McDevitt

I can’t believe I’ve never dedicated a post to the work of letterer and  illustrator Mary Kate McDevitt.  I have been a huge fan for years so I’m not sure how she slipped by! I’m sure she’s in a Links I Love roundup somewhere but today’s post is all about Mary Kate. After graduating from the Tyler School of Art, Mary Kate worked as a designer for a studio for two years. After that, she packed her bags and moved out to Portland (where she’s still located) and began her career as a freelance artist. How inspiring! I’m absolutely positive that you have seen Mary Kate’s work around the Internet prior to this post. I’m usually in awe of most hand letterers. The ability to create type using your hands is a gift I’m not sure I will ever have.  I have always admired the tiny details in Mary Kate’s lettering and illustrations; the flourishes, textures, color palettes, and shadowing are what completes the presentation. Check out a few of my favorites below.

We Make Desktop by Mary Kate McDevitt

Cheerful Holiday by Mary Kate McDevitt

Wanderlust Logo by Mary Kate McDevitt

Coffee by Mary Kate McDevitt

Carpe Diem Journal by Mary Kate McDevittAll images copyright of Mary Kate McDevitt |  Twitter | Etsy

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